13 Easy steps to Increase traffic on WordPress Website

The topic includes two important words they are traffic and the WP website. The topic will make you clear with the steps to be followed to Increase Traffic on WordPress Website.

Before knowing the steps and processes to be followed we must know what the sentence ” increase traffic on WordPress website” actually means. The sentence is clear and powerful. The word powerful here is for the aim we have for our website.

Actually, when we build a website the main objective of the building is to make some profit with it and the profit is directly related to the public. The more public we have in our site the more profit we get. The word “public and traffic ” is almost the same in this case.

Now let us know why we need traffic on a website.

In simple words, the website traffic is the number of people that view our website. Not only the number of people actually the time each people spends on our website. When some public visits our website the record is maintained and also maintained for the link they follow. And when the number of public is increased the popularity is increased. Hence, the increase in the public is directly proportional to the increase in the popularity of our website.

  • To generate much revenue we need to increase the traffic to our website.
  • When a person visits our website and like the objective of the website and refers our site will make the website more popular.
  • As the duration of spending time increases the likelihood increases which is enough to take our site to the top.
  • The website we create is for you ( Third-party ) If you are not interested to visit the website the value of my creation is almost zero.
  • The word “power” is powerful. The increase in the number of public increases the power of any website
  • The quality and quantity are like both ends of the bridge to go the end you need to start. The Quantity explains the quality of our website.

Steps to Increase Traffic on WordPress Website

Here the steps are explained that we need to follow to increase the traffic on the WordPress website.

1.Focus on the Content

content Increase traffic on WordPress Website

Your content is always the first priority. Actually, the content we write must be effective and accurate. The effectiveness and Accuracy are the keys to get success in the field of content. When we have good content the public will definitely admire us and support us. Another factor is the way we present our idea to the public. when we are able to explain something to the public we have the ability to stole hearts of the public and will help to Increase Traffic on WordPress Website. Last but not least the Uniqueness. With unique and effective content we can be the best.


Increase traffic on WordPress Website

Readability is ” the way you can present your idea in very simple words”. In short when we explain any of our idea with tough words and sentences. The easy idea may also be the toughest one. But the tough idea with simple words can be a good way to present our idea. Our content must be readable and easy to read.

3.Search Engine optimization

seo Increase traffic on WordPress Website

SEO the greatest weapon for every content and website. Our content automatically is a quality content when it is SEO friendly we just need to add some quantity in the related content.

The search engine optimization is enough to explain to us what our content needs. But let me tell you about the Focus keyword. The focus keyword is the words that describe our content. You need to repeat it at least 5 times in your content.

4.Attractive, Engaging Headlines

Increase traffic on WordPress Website

When the public search for something in google the first thing that the user sees is the heading of our content. With the attractive heading, we can make the public attract to our content.

A unique and eye-catching heading always gets the +++ views and helps to increase the traffic of the website. And on the other hand, the simple and normal headings are not admired much.

The attractive headlines will help to increase the curiosity of the public. And we know when the word Curiosity enters our mind until we don’t make it satisfy we can’t stop thinking about it. So, increasing the curiosity of the public will help us to Increase Traffic on WordPress website.

5.Featured image

Increase traffic on WordPress Website

Here the Word ” featured image” is the image that we see on the side of the heading when we search something in google. Some content in the google have featured image and some don’t have. But trust me the picture speaks.

When you put some featured images in the content the public will get more easily about the content. Featured image along with the attractive heading is like Tea with biscuits. Every visitor will admire the post. With the best heading and related featured image, we can Increase Traffic on WordPress Website.

6.Informative photos

Increase traffic on WordPress Website

It is said that pictures are stronger than words. I mean to say that if you have a good and informative picture in our content the reader will get the idea easily.

Not only the idea but a charming picture will make your presentation good and standard. Being human we are attracted more to the visual information. The human brain is attracted to the images, videos more than the written.

Involving a creative, charming, informative picture to the content will help you to increase traffic on WordPress Website.

7. Add videos

video Increase traffic on WordPress Website

As photos, the videos are also the best way to make your audience familiar with our content. According to research When a human sees the videos related to the topic they can remember them for more than 5 years.

But here the point is about how you can present yourself to the public. The way of your presentation does matter and helps to seek public attention.

Adding informative videos to our content helps us to get rank in google. More Attractive, informative video more the traffic on our website.

Internal links also play an important role to rank our website. Internal links are the bridge to our older blogs.

While Writing a blog we use 100s of different technical terms. And it is not important that every technical term is well known by each of our visitors. Some of them may be explained in our older posts. So that the visitors can follow those posts.

Internal links divert visitors to several posts and pages which results in spending more time on the website. Thus Increase Traffic on WordPress Website

9.Include Users/Visitors Interested Queries

Increase traffic on WordPress Website

No one can tell you what users want better than the users themselves. We have several sections for users where they ask questions, comments or posts. We seriously should entertain those parts.

If our page contains the trending topics then it is sure to attract more and more visitors. It will surely help to increase traffic on the WordPress site. In other words, we may not always have ideas about trendings in the market. Visitors ask questions about their confusion, interest or something new on the market in such sections. Including these sections on our page will route users to our page. This tactic will not only stick regular users but also add new users to the page.

So we need a routine check for user interest in the comment, queries, and messages sections. We will get a clear idea of what to put next to or what to publish that lures users.

10.Assemble Conformations and Boost

This is to attest our page with other’s recommendations that show we are good at what we try to offer on our page. Promotions are always a good idea to magnify the brand image. So we should pay attention to the collection of proofs of the virtue of our page and show it to the public to increase traffic on the WordPress website.

In this modern age of the internet, it has been very easy to spread information. We can spread users positive reviews and their good experience to achieve even more user traffic and expand our positive image. User visitor counter, Social media promotion, Website ratings, Search Engine Optimization, Users or Professional ratings and comments will add up to this factor. These are the proofs we can show.

There is a thin line between showing and show-off, we need to take care of that. We must show the reality to the public. We should never promise that we cannot complete it.

We, humans, always make up our minds similar to the mass out there. We are bound to think like what others think. So if we are able to entrust some additional users, they will bring more users.


Increase traffic on WordPress Website

Regularity or Punctuality is the first rule followed to get success. In the case of our page, it refers to the regularity on content, posts of anything that we offer. It really boosts the user traffic flow in the WordPress website.

Users revisit our page in search of new items that their mind can consume. It is very boring for users to see the same information again and again. Most of them would probably leave. And not only the new contents, but we must also focus on the replies on comments, entertain queries, etc.

It is important to provide regular and new or can be said updated content on our page. So that user is compelled to visit on a regular basis. They will keep coming for new feeds. As these will end up with both increasing users and get high ratings for the website.

12.Speed and Up to date

update Increase traffic on WordPress Website

21 century is the era of the computer. We all know the computer was design to increase working speed. In simple words, the 21 century is the era of speed.

Slow loading and monotonous website are like a waste of time for the visitors. They refuse to visit such sites because of its late loading time and other time causing effects.

If we are thinking to have good traffic we must focus on our speed need to update. We need to be fast to take part in the world competition and Increase Traffic on WordPress Website.

13. Use social media as a weapon

Increase traffic on WordPress Website

Social media is the greatest weapon for any communication or Technology today. We must use social media to increase traffic on our website. Not only the websites, with the help of social media we can get many advantages that are impossible to be listed here.

We need to promote our brands to gather more traffic on our website. There are 100s of a platform where we can use our page name to advertise our brand. We must keep on watching such places and keep on participating.


All the website builders are worried about the traffic. The steps above will help you to increase traffic on WordPress website. But the main thing we need to consider is the quality and also the quantity. When you have quality content along with quantity. It will always be admired.

I hope you will like the content and keep on visiting us. You can suggest to us more such an effective way increase traffic on website. And also free to let us know the thing we need to improve You can visit us for more such interesting content like “best WordPress themes for eCommerce“, “Steps for WordPress theme Installation” and many more. THANKYOU!!! we are waiting for your suggestion and also question… HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!

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