6 Easy and simple Steps for WordPress theme Installation

Are you a Website developer or planning to make a website???? If yes, Get ready to make your stunning and outstanding with the WordPress theme. Here are the step need to be followed for WordPress theme Installation.

Before going through the step let me tell you what is theme ??? Why we need theme??? and how will we get it???

So, simply theme is the skin or the design of any Website that will help us to make our website stunning and outstanding. The theme comes with the templates, style sheets, and many more and can be used to enhance the look of any website powered by WP.

When we built a Website we have an imagination of the way it will look in the coming days. And the themes are the key to make that dream come true.

Why WordPress theme?

  • Full support with satisfaction (The WordPress theme comes with the support and guarantee us with our satisfaction no matter the theme is free or premium)
  • Enhance the look of our website.( The layout of the theme help to enhance the look of any WP Powered theme)
  • Compatible with wide range of plugin ( you will get the plugin with the theme)
  • SEO Optimized ( Makes our website SEO friendly)
  • Fully Responsive
  • Regular update ( Regular updates will help us to get new feature) and soon.

Where we get WordPress Theme?

We can get the WP theme from the WordPress official website which is https:// www.wordpress.org in the section of the theme premium option is the themeforest. Themeforest is the platform where WordPress theme are available.

WordPress ThemeForest

What is plugin?

Plugin in simple word is a slice of software or a section of code that can be used to add more eye-catching feature to our website. The functionality can be extended by adding the WP plugin to Our WordPress Website.


Let me explain in short what is Theme and what is plugin, so that you will be more clear and specified about your requirement.

Theme vs Plugin

  • Theme can change the Website design, look and feel but plugin cannot. WP theme can be replaced by WP plugin but we can customize some functionality in theme.
  • Plugin enhance the interior where theme works for external design and presentation.
  • Appearance changes with the change in theme. when the theme is changed the data and information will remain safe. But plugin can be activated and deactivated as per requirement.
  • Only one theme can be used at once but can have as much as plugin we want at the same time.

Steps to be followed for WordPress theme installation

I have assuming that you have already purchased domain and hosting and installed WordPress. IF you do not have domain name and hosting then before reading this post please read this post where I have explained it in more details about the Domain name and hosting,and also WordPress installation.

1. Login to our site admin page.

Normally your admin login like this, “your websitename.com/wp-admin”

WordPress theme Installation
  • Open new Tab on your browser
  • your website.com/wp-admin
  • Enter your username and password ( your browser may ask to save your username and password. you can save for future use )
  • Now your WordPress Dashboard is opened

2. At Your WP Admin Dashboard Area

  • Go to the appearance
  • Then to the theme
  • A new page will be loaded

3. Add New

addnewWordPress theme Installation
  • We will find a button (Add New)
  • The page will let you know the theme we already have and search theme option also
  • Click Add New Button

4. Search Theme

  • The new page include the upload theme button
  • And also the search option
  • You can type the name of the WordPress theme For Installation

5. Theme is displayed on screen

  • When you take your courser to the theme. Down Right you will get a install button
  • Just you need to click the install button
  • Wait a second

6. Install and Activate

  • After the theme is installed
  • A new button activate will be display Right the place where the install button was.
  • Click the Activate button
  • Now the theme is ready for you
  • You can customize the theme and check does it suits your taste or not?
  • IF yes Go on for WordPress theme installation.

7. IF “NO” then you can find another theme by following above steps.

Here the step for the WordPress theme Installation is completed

Before Installation

One More thing you need to know is, When you search for the new theme and theme appears to your screen you can preview the theme and can have the Details of that theme by clicking the center of the theme before WordPress theme installation. By that Details you can decide Will the theme suits your choice?????

IF yes go on and install the theme If No Search for the next one.

Are you thinking how is it possible??? How can i search the theme and review one by one??? It may take a whole day to choose a single theme of my taste. Them Just chill Out and check out some the theme we have researched for different topic like 10+ best free WP magazine themes, Blog WordPress Theme and many more

The Review will help you to take the best decision and saves your time too……..


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