10 best WordPress plugins 2020

The queries about the best WordPress plugins always come in the mind of WordPress developers.

A plugin is a software that contains a collection of functions that can be installed on a WordPress website.

This software enhances the functionality and extends the features of the WordPress website. It also provides the flexibility and layouts to our website.

These plugins are designed using PHP programming language and can be combined effortlessly with WordPress Website.

We can get a plugin for every task in the WordPress respiratory system. The plugins make the operation on the website very easy without knowing to code.

If not the help of plugins, the task of modifying the website would be very difficult. There are thousands of plugins present in the WordPress directory.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the best WordPress plugins in the market.

We may be starting a WordPress site for a different purpose and these plugins will assist us to utilize the full capacity of our website. As a website owner, we can install or uninstall plugins from the admin area. Also, plugins can be downloaded and manually installed.

Things to consider to choose the best WordPress plugins

For a good plugin, we need to consider the following factors

  • Regular updates
  • Compatibility with other elements of the website
  • Professional support
  • Ratings

In the WordPress directory, all the plugins are free which may or may not be suitable for our website, so we need to be very careful before choosing a plugin. Now, let us start with the list.

Best WordPress plugins

Here we have tried to collect the most important and best WordPress plugins that are very helpful for our WordPress website. We have done very deep research and came to this list as we try to make our bogs of your time worthy.


WooCommerce best WordPress plugin

If we are super ready to make an eCommerce website then this is the first plugin we need to install on our website. WooCommerce is the best WordPress plugin for the commercial website. It provides the best experience with the eCommerce website adventures.

This plugin consists of inbuilt bundles of features, extension, and modifications that can make operating our website easier than ever. Also, Woocommerrce is highly compatible with the number of themes in the market. We can hardly get any theme matching the capabilities and quality of this plugin.

It gives attractive layouts and user interface to sell any physical and digital as well as affiliate products in just a simple price of $12.95 per month.

Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 best WordPress plugin

Contact form is the best WordPress plugin that enables us to flawlessly design and manage multiple contact forms. It uses ReCaptcha verification that makes sure that all spammy submissions are filtered out by Askimet.

Contact form is a very simple plugin however it eradicates all the hard work of coding that may be required to create a contact form. And hence it allows us to create and publish a very beautiful and attractive contact form that will grab the attention of users.

Over 5 million active users prove its popularity and trustability. The detailed study of this plugin by our team assured us that there are no such better plugins in terms of features, price, etc than the Contact form.

Yoast SEO

yoast seo best WordPress plugin

When we are searching the best WordPress plugins for the on-page search engine optimization then, We recommend Yoast SEO as the ruler of all plugins in terms of functionality.

This is a very much required plugin for any page developer as it will guide us to optimize the content for the search engine in detailed steps. It will help us so that we can see every detail that will finally help in search engine optimization.

Those minute details are the target keyword, title optimization, readability, metadata, etc. All of this optimization can be seen live which makes the task more effective.

As we are creating any content to reach the maximum readers, and this work is assisted by Yoast SEO. And if our content is highly optimized, the maximum number of the search engine can find the content.

Askimet Anti-Spam

askmit best WordPress plugin

Retarders are present in every part of the world. Either life or business we can find scammers everywhere. To help our page in such a situation, Askimet Anti-Spam is the best WordPress plugin in the market. It will help us to keep such spammers out of the fence and sustain the long-term integrity of our site.

Askimet assists in reviewing and filtering every comment that is shared on our website and also provides a status history for everyone and hence we can find the spammy comments by Askimetts. We have also the control over publishing or removal of comments according to their suitability.

Though it is a free plugin, Askimet is compatible with all the sites and themes. We must have Askimet installed to enhance the functionality and security of websites regardless of our budget.

TinyMCE Advanced

tinymec best WordPress plugin

A major indication of the success of any website is the traffic flow data of that website. The best WordPress plugin for the track of the real-time traffic data is TinyMCE Advanced. We can get that without logging in and navigation to the Google Analytics website.

The theme is simple and free however allow us easily to add, remove, and rearrange the buttons that are shown in the Visual Editor toolbar. We will be able to fully configure the four rows of buttons of our website and those row elements are font size, font family, text, colors and much more.

Using TinyMCE, we can focus on giving the best to our website leaving the button searching behind us.

Google XML sitemaps

Another name in the list of the best WordPress plugins is Google XML sitemaps. It is a plugin for enhancing search engine optimization.

This plugin will help our website to increase SEO. Google XML sitemaps assist search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to rank our website in a better way with a special XML sitemap.

We simply have to install and activate this plugin and rest the plugin will boost our website by creating an XML sitemap. The search engine bots will view, crawl, and index our website to enhance the ranking.

WP super cache

In the present era of modern internet speed is the most important factor that a reader seeks while using any website. WP super cache is the best WordPress plugin that allows us to increase the website’s baseline speed quickly and painlessly.

This plugin is easy and simple that generates static HTML files from our dynamic WordPress website meaning that it will be used by web server instead of processing the heavier and slower PHP scripts.

It is easily customizable with a decent price tag. We can enjoy all the benefits of a super-fast website as this plugin will noticeably increase the speed of our website.

Google Analytics dashboard

Google analytics dashboard is a strong name in the locality of the best WordPress plugin. This plugin is desirable to keep a real-time record of the traffic flow of our website. We don’t need to login to track the real-time details and can navigate the Google Analytics website.

Moreover, we can navigate the sessions, organic searches, page view bounce rate analytics stats. Furthermore, locations, pages, referrers, keyword errors analytics stats can also be checked easily.

The Google Analytics Dashboard is helpful to track traffic channels, social networks, traffic mediums, etc. And one more interesting factor is that it is free to install.

Elementor page builder

Elementor page builder is the best WordPress plugin to build an attractive and eye-catching web page. This is the best that we can get in the present market.

It is a simple and very effective page builder plugin that assists us in every way to design a website that can be appreciated by users.

Developed by the professional team it is compatible with any theme. For both professional and new users, Elementor is very friendly and anyone can give life to their imagination using elementor. The fine rate of $50 per year, Elementor is worth our time and money

WordFence Security

When we are creating a website, security is also an important factor to consider. We need to save our website from hacks and attacks. WOrdFece Security is the best WordPress plugin for the security of our website.

It is available in both free and premium versions and gives us access to a bundle of tools that help us too secure our website. These tools include WordPress core file integrity verification and repair. Moreover, malware, virus and backdoor scanning are also checked using this plugin.

Wordfence creates a firewall containing Google crawlers, RSS feed readers and all other crawlers and bot. And notify email alerts of warnings and critical problems. If we are concerned about the security and integrity of our website, we must go for WordFence.


We have described the best WordPress plugins necessarily required to create a webpage. This list is the outcome of our deep research. We have provided the links if you want to go through the details. Please know your area of requirement before choosing any plugins.

Most of the products are in freemium versions and for the better result, we must go for the premium versions as premiums are best for the professional websites. If you have any confusion then let us know. Feel free to message us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want more information on WordPress then [click blogs on WordPress]. Please keep supporting and keep visiting. Thank you

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